NOVOGILOV Victor Valentinovich (1892 - 1970), economist, an outstanding representative of economical and mathematics direction of science in USSR, one of the initiators of socialist economy optimal functioning theory. He graduated from Kiev University, professor (1937), Honoured Scientist of Russia (1957). His scientific career started in Kiev and Rostov, he worked in educational and scientific - research institutions in Leningrad, including Leningrad department of CEMI, where he was the head of Laboratory of economy estimation systems in 1966-70 y.y. Novogilov was the first in economic literature to reveal in 1926 y. the economic sources of goods scarse inevitability under socialist economy conditions. In 40-50y.y. he devoted his activity to the development of optimal planning methodology, to the questions of commensurability between expenses and results, measuring efficiency of labour and capital investments. His book "Problems of expenses and results measuring in optimal planning" (1972) is a part of classical fund in native economic literature. In 1965 he was rewarded with Lenin prize for scientific elaboration of linear programming methods and economic models.
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