NEMCHINOV Vasyly Sergeevich (1894 - 1964), a soviet economist, statistician, one of the initiators of economical and mathematics direction of native economic science, academician of the Russian academy of sciences (1946) and Byelorussian academy of sciences (1940) and also Academy of agricultural sciences (1948). He graduated from Moscow Сommercial Institute: worked in state statistics bodies in a number of Russian towns; from 1928 he was chief of department and from 1940 - Director of Moscow Timiriaziev Agricultural Academy. In 1949-1963 -he was chairman of Council for study productive forces. In 1953-59 y.y. academician Nemchinov V.S. was academician-secretary the Department of economics, philosophical and law sciences, from 1953-1962 - member of the presidium of the Russian academy of Sciences.
In 1958 academician Nemchinov V.S. organised the first in the country Laboratory of economical and-mathematics researches, on the base of which the Central Economical and - Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (now CEMI RAS) was founded in 1963.
Under the guide of academician Nemchinov V.S. the works on intersectoral balance, which were interrupted from 20-years, were resumed; he was the first in the Soviet science to state and solve many theoretical questions of economic cybernetics, econometrics; applied and computing modelling in economic researches (monograph "Economical and Mathematics methods and Models"); he developed models of expanded reproduction, statistic model of public division of labour.
Academician Nemchinov's scientific works influenced on the development of planned price formation conception. He was an actual Member of International Statistics Institute (1958), honorary member of English Royal Statistic Society (1961). He was a State Prize laureate (1946) and Lenin Prize laureate (1965, posthumous) for participation in the development of linear programming methods and economic models
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