How CEMI was created

The Central Economics and Mathematics Institute (CEMI) was founded in 1963, superseding the Laboratory of Economics and Mathematical Methods of the Soviet Academy of Sciences which had been established by Academician V.S. Nemchinov five years earlier.

CEMI was established by a group of noted economists who laid the foundation for the future work of the Institute. This group consisted of the founder of CEMI, V.S.Nemchinov, the first Director of CEMI Academician N.P.Fedorenko and Nobel Laureate, Academician L.V.Kantorovich, Academician A.I.Anchishkin, A.L.Vainstein, A.L.Lurje, B.N.Michalevsky and V.V.Novogilov. Many brilliant economists and mathematicians received their training at CEMI. They in effect built the Institute. Their work for the Institute established both its history and its strong reputation. Among this group are S.A.Ajvazian, V.I.Danilov-Danilyan, Y.R.Leibkind, Y.V.Ovsienko, V.L.Perlamutrov, V.M.Polterovich, V.F.Pugachev and many other.

The majority of Academicians of the Economics Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences is closely affiliated with CEMI. S.S.Shatalin, N.J.Petrakov and Y.V.Jaremenko worked at CEMI for several years; V.L.Makarov has been the Director of CEMI since 1985; Academician-Secretary D.S.Lvov is the Deputy Director; A.G.Aganbegian and A.G.Granberg have both collaborated with CEMI for many years.

Many well known political leaders, government officials, and deputies of the Federal Assembly are CEMI alumnus. Institute of Economic Forecasting (IEF) (1986), Institute for Socio-Economic Studies of Population (ISESP) (1988), and Market Economy Institute (MEI) (1990) were all formed within CEMI and later became independent entities.

Two Chairs of Moscow State (Lomonosov) University were established as a result of the efforts of member of CEMI: the Chair of Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis and the Chair of Applied Economic Modelling.

Approximately 300 candidate and doctoral these were defended at the Institute over the past ten years. In addition, CEMI was among the principle founders of the New Economic School which offers a Master of Arts Degree in Economics. Many outstanding scholars from Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Israel, and other countries have taught at the school over the past four years.

CEMI has assembled a unique scientific community comprised of over 400 highly qualified economists and mathematicians, working together on issues pertaining to the socio-economic development of Russia. CEMI has accumulated vast experience in research related to the Russian economy in all stages of its development. It is one of the few scientific organization which specializes in the development of methodological and instrumental modelling of economic processes and objectives.

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