(October-November-December, 2018)


Problems of national economy

Nikonova A.A. Evolution of innovation mode within economic dynamics       3-28 [Summary]
Pitelin A.K. On the fair scale of progressive taxation       29-40 [Summary]

Industrial problems

Borodin K.G. Assessing the impact of food embargoes and economic sanctions on the commodity markets (the example of meat markets)       41-59 [Summary]

Mathematic analysis of economic models

Aivazian S.A., Brodsky B.E. Retrospective analysis of structural changes in SEM (simultaneous equation) models with varying structure. Part 2.       60-70 [Summary]
Golubkov V.V., Yakovets T.Yu. The forecast of demographic situation in Russia up to 2033       71-87 [Summary]
Kalashnikov P.V. Mathematical model of the optimal control process of the balance of the joint- distribution pension system       88-97 [Summary]

Imitation modeling

Istratov V.A. Computer algorithm of social and personal norms formation       98-110 [Summary]

Notes and letters

Druzhkov K.V., Eremin V.L. Public-private partnership - an actual form of implementation of infrastructure projects       111-115 [Summary]
Zinenko A.V. Catastrophe theory and price dynamics       116-123 [Summary]
Belousov F.A. Model of Nomads and Plowmen with a Limited Resource of Spatial Movement       124-131 [Summary]

* * *

V.G. Grebennikov - 80       132-133
Contents of 2018 (vol. 54)       134-136