(April-May-June, 2019)


Theoretical and methodological problems

Akhmadeev B.A., Makarov V.L. Project assessment system based on combined methods of computer optimization 5 [Summary]

Problems of national economy

Skrypnik D.V. Budget policy and economic growth in Russia. Optimal budget rule 24 [Summary]
Repina E.G., Shiryaeva L.K., Fedorova E.A. The study of dependence structure between small business development and microfinance security of Russian regions 41 [Summary]

Industry problems

Assaul V.N., Pogodin I.E. On the transportation problem with ecological criterion 58 [Summary]

Mathematical analysis of economic models

Aivazian S.A., Bereznyatskiy A.N., Brodsky B.E. Non-equilibrium structural models of the real sector of the Russian economy 65 [Summary]
Svetlov K.V. Herding behaviour on stock market: analysis and forecasting 81 [Summary]
Tomashevskii I.L., Aksenov V.V. How the irrational marketing strategy might lead to economic success: a mathematical modeling taking into account behavioral factors 98 [Summary]
Borovkova A.E. Product differentiation in two-sided market with uncertainty in product quality value 104 [Summary]
Grigoryev R.A. Contemporaneous effects of non-synchronous time series: VAR model problems 118 [Summary]

Optimization methods

Kosorukov O.A., Maslov S.E., Semenova N.A. Model of determining the moment of the order of delivery with the account of uncertainty of delivery time 130 [Summary]

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Baranov E.F. - 80       ...140
D.B. Yudin - Centenary       ...143