(January-February-March, 2018)


Theoretical and methodological problems

Shulgin S.G., Zinkina J.V., Andreev A.I., Korotayev A.V. Measuring country-to-country cultural distance through individual differences in values and its influence on the global trade ...3 [Summary]

Industrial problems

Dementiev V.E., Evsukov S.G., Ustyuzhanina E.V. Pricing model in the market for network goods in terms of duopolistic competition ...26 [Summary]

Regional problems

Aivazian S.A., Afanasiev M.Yu., Kudrov A.V. The method of comparing the regions using the technical efficiency estimates with account of production structure ...43 [Summary]

Mathematical analysis of economic models

Kovalenko A.G. In search of equilibrium state at the spatial dispersed markets with imperfect competition of a uniform product ...52 [Summary]
Marakulin V.M. Perfect competition without Slater condition: the equivalence of non-standard and contractual approach ...69 [Summary]
Malakhov D.I., Pilnik N.P., Radionov S.A. Correcting the system of balance sheets as a basis of general economic equilibrium models ...92 [Summary]
Kurmanova S.M. System analysis of discounting function properties in stationary and non-stationary economies ...110 [Summary]

Methods of optimization

Baljabin V.A., Zaslavsky A.A. Construction of regular paired comparisons matrix. Results of calculating experiments ...120 [Summary]
Sigal A.V. About the effectiveness of portfolios found using the game-theoretic method ...125 [Summary]