(July-August-September, 2017)


Problems of national economy

Pozamantir E.I. Hierarchical system of intersectoral balance models and the models of territorial production distribution. Part 2. Structural, mathematical and calculation aspects of the model, the algorithm for the problem solving ...3 [Summary]

Regional problems

Yermakov V.V. Estimates of the impact of inter-budgetary government grants on regional development in the Russian Federation ...18 [Summary]

Industrial problems

Pleschinskiy A.S. Analysis of the competition and cooperation in industries technological innovation development ...38 [Summary]

Mathematical analysis of economic models

Smolyak S.A. Regular oceangoing cargo ship speed optimization ...59 [Summary]
Shelemekh E.A. Calculation of exotic options in incomplete markets ...78 [Summary]
Belousov F.A. Model of civilization with two types of reproduction product (model of nomads and plowmen) ...93 [Summary]
Teplova“.V., Sokolova “.V. The non-parametric data envelopment analysis method for portfolio design in the Russian bond market ...110 [Summary]