(October-November-December, 2019)


Theoretical and methodological problems

Mindeli L.E., Ostapyuk S.F., Fetisov V.P. On the results of long-term forecasting of fundamental and exploratory research 5 [Summary]

Problems of national economy

Graborov S.V. Tax majority optimization of citizens' incomes and properties 28 [Summary]
Galenkova A.D., Mariev O.S., Nikitin M.V., Yunusova I.M. Econometric study of bubbles in the Russian real estate market 43 [Summary]

Regional problems

Abramyan S.I., Ryumina Ye.V., Fedotov A.A. Assessment of the global purposes' impact of sustainable development on human potential 57 [Summary]
Grebennikov V.G., Magomedov R.Sh. Budgetary self-sufficiency as a problem of the governmental programming of regional development 68 [Summary]

Mathematical analysis of economic models

Volodina E.., Livshits V.N. On flood algorithm for approximate solution of smooth nonlinear programming problems with linear constraints of large dimension 78 [Summary]
Labsker L.G. The property of synthesizing by the Wald-Savage criterion and economic application 89 [Summary]
Svetlov N.M. Non-parametric production frontier in a computable partial equilibrium model 104 [Summary]

Notes and letters

Churin Yu.G. Minimization method for solution of transport and economic problem 117 [Summary]

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