(January-February-March, 2019)


Theoretical and methodological problems

Makarov V.L., Bakhtizin A.R., Beklaryan G.L., Akopov A.S., Rovenskaya E.A., Strelkovskiy N.V. Aggregated agent-based simulation model of migration flows of the European Union countries 3-15
Dementiev V.E., Ustyuzhanina E.V. Comparative analysis of dynamic pricing strategies in markets of network goods (Cases of monopoly and precompetitive strategic alliances) 16-31
Kozyrev A.N. Optimizing the placement of interconnected R&D based on double auction 32-42
Vinokurov E.G., Meshalkin V.P., Nevmyatullina Kh.A., Burukhina T.F., Bondar V.V., Khodchenko S.M. Method of the modified SWOT-analysis of the effectiveness of technology changes 43-55
Mindeli L.E., Ostapyuk S.F., Fetisov V.P. On long-term prediction of fundamental and exploratory research 56-67

Industry problems

Afanasyev D.O., Fedorova E.A. Short-term electricity price forecasting on the Russian market using the SCARX models class 68-84

Enterprise problems

Danilin V.I. System models horizontal harmonization of planning decisions by various units of the company 85-100

Mathematical analysis of economic models

Gavrilets Yu.N., Chernenkov M.V., Nikitin S.A. Aggregated indices of public opinion on the life quality in Russian regions 101-115

Scientific discussions

Morozov S.L. Standard 13-month reference calendar Medler-Mendeleev-Morozov Standard in space society 116-125

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V.L. Kvint - 70      ...126
S.A. Aivazian: obituary       ...127
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