Tsvetkov V.A., Zoidov K.Kh., Medkov A.A., Ionicheva V.N. Institutional and Organizational Problems of Customs Regulation of Export-Import and Transit Freight Transportation in the Eurasian Economic Union. Part 1. // Economics of contemporary Russia 2015. 3 (70) ..
The article deals with topical issues of organizational and institutional regulatory processes crossing the state border and customs operations in export, import and transit of goods in Russia and in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). Special attention is paid to the implementation of the Single Window mechanism prior notification and electronic declaration of goods transported by rail. It is shown that the customs authorities effective functioning is a major requisite of transport and transit potential of the EAEU realization.
customs operations, the Eurasian Economic Union, railway transport, the Single Window mechanism, preliminary information, electronic declaration, transport and transit potential.


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