Glazyev S.Yu. Poverty and Luster of the Russian Monetarists. Part 2. // Economics of contemporary Russia 2015. 3 (706) ..
The paper characterizes some theoretical foundations, historical origins and related modern justification of the economic policy held in Russia nowadays. The mutually agreed postulate of such policy is that it comes from dogmatic, false and harmful ideas about the use of automated mechanisms of market self-organization and non-interference of the state in the regulation aspects. Based initially on the wrong promises, the policy of modern monetarists and monetarism had already led to economic stagnation, recession, had deprived the economy of perspectives and impulses for development. Some recommendations on Russia's withdrawal from the funnel of monetarist misconceptions to take the way of sustainable economic development through the use of proven in the successful states mechanisms and measures of state support are done.
management theory, macroeconomic stability, quantity theory of money, inflationary expectations


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