Alexander D. Nekipelov. Economic growth and inflation: main theoretical approaches
Different treatment by the main currents of modern economic science of interrelations between growth and inflation is the subject of the article. Key points determining a choice of economic policy are singled out. They contribute to better understanding not only of internal logic underlying different macroeconomics recipes, but of the causes why these recipes can produce results significantly different from those expected.

Mayrash S. Toksanbaeva. Self-employment and its contradictions
From the beginning the reforms up to now self-employment has been associated with increase in enterprising activities, expansion of the small business, reduction of unemployment. This stable reputation of the self-employment is largely determined by its contradictory nature: as discussed in the paper, both market transformation and economic crisis contribute to its growth. However, the increasing self-employment, caused by the crisis, is fully in line with stagnation and can but undermine the labour market. Therefore the measures directed to the support of the self-employment can have contradictory results unless they are related to a complex of the anti-crises solutions.

Tatyana M.Regent. Actual problems of Russian migration policy
The problems of providing an efficient distribution of migration flows over all the country in nationwide interests are analyzed as well as the objects of social and economic support of different categories of migrants. State regulation of the migration processes is considered as a component of the strategy of economical and social development of the country.

Michael A. Bendikov M.A., Yeugenie Yu. Khrustalev. Evolution of conversion administration concept and mechanism in the conditions of the transitional Russian economy.
Empirical, indeed situation approach towards conversion implementation in turned out to be extremely ineffective. The article demonstrates, that only precise and scientifically substantiated conversion administration concept and economic mechanism, which ensure coordination of state support and allocation of resources for military-industrial complex reconstruction, normative legal support and social defense of employees, allows to fulfill the objects and to preserve the scientific, industrial and staff potential.

Alexander G. Terekhov, Alexei V. Smirnov. About The Reduction Strategy Of Rate Protection Level Of Russian Markets In The Process Of Joining To WTO
The article considers issues which will occur during joining to World Trade Organization (WTO); based on the comparison of losses and profits it is supposed to develop a strategy of negotiations which will support a gradual reduction of rate protection level for various kinds of goods with minimal total losses. Also the article considers methodical approach to identification of the most vulnerable costs (from the point of their minimization) of joining of Russia's groups of goods to WTO based on the existing rate structure of Russia.

Sergei N. Katirin. Role of chambers and industry business associations in promoting small and medium enterprises in CIS
All our support and assistance to the development of small entrepreneurship constitutes one of strategic exes of economic reforms in the Russian Federation and CIS thus represents official statee policy as well as activities of business associations. The article contains the analysis of legal and institutional changes, some key achievements and programs encouraging the emergence of small and medium business/


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